Cars trashed as wild elephant goes on the rampage in Thai national park

The wild elephant smashes this car's mirror before ripping off the bumper Credit: Andy Merk

Motorists driving through the Khao Yai National Park, near Bangkok on Sunday got a fright when a wild male elephant went on the rampage on a road running through the sanctuary.

The video shows the lone elephant rubbing against cars before he starts to climb on top of them and sits on some.

Eventually the male elephant badly damages a vehicle as a young couple cower inside.

Video courtesy of Andy Merk

No-one was hurt, but rangers are now on alert and have imposed curfew restrictions on motorists driving through the road.

Wildlife photographer Andy Merk, who shot the astonishing footage, said the cars had not obeyed the travel restrictions in the park.

The elephant climbs on top of one car, while other vehicles try to turn back Credit: Andy Merk

Park officials say there are roughly 300 wild elephants roaming around at this time of year as it is mating season.