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Family of supermarket siege victim 'fearful of their future in France'

The aunt of Yohan Cohen, who was shot dead by Amedy Coulibaly, speaks to ITV News. Credit: ITV News

The aunt of a man killed while trying to overpower gunman Amedy Coulibaly during the Jewish supermarket siege has told ITV News her family is fearful of their future as Jews in France.

Yohan Cohen was working at the HyperCasher kosher market in the Porte de Vincennes to save money for his wedding when he was shot dead.

Yohan Cohen has been working at the supermarket to save money for his wedding. Credit: Social media

Mr Cohen's aunt told ITV News Senior Correspondent Emma Murphy her family were considering staying in Israel as they are so frightened of what might happen if they return to France.

The family had travelled to Israel for Mr Cohen's funeral.

"It's terrible the way that people can lose their lives so pointlessly, just because they're Jewish," she said.

Speaking of the moment her nephew died, Ms Pluvinage said:

The terrorist told him to go downstairs and get the people who were down there. He said he wouldn't because if they came up they would be killed.

The terrorists had two kalashnikovs - when he turned Yohan tried to grab one, but the terrorist was quicker and shot him twice in the head.

– Yohan Cohen's aunt

Mr Cohen had posted the message "Je Suis Charlie" on his Facebook page in honour of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre just two days before he died.

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