Mother tells of twins' 'miracle' birth after ignoring advice to abort one to save the other

Steve and Carmelle Hartgrove with twin daughters Charis and Connie Credit: Good Morning Britain

A mother who was told aborting one of her twin babies would improve the other one's chance of survival has shared the story of her "miracles" after both twins beat the odds to be safely born together.

Mother of five Carmelle Hartgrove, spoke to Good Morning Britain about the heart-wrenching decision she and husband Steve faced when doctors discovered daughters Charis and Connie shared the same amniotic sack and placenta:

Doctors told the Hartgrove family the odds of both the girls surviving was only 30 per cent but the couple decided to go ahead with the pregnancy anyway as they could not to bear to abort one of their unborn children.

Carmelle, 31, said: "We were told initially that they might have been conjoined twins but once they discovered they weren't they then gave us the options of terminating the pregnancy entirely or reducing the pregnancy down to one baby.

"The moment they told us it was just another blow but for us we didn't even have the conversation to make the decision just in a glance I knew Steve was united and we both just said neither of them are an option and we wanted to pursue and continue with the pregnancy."

Both twins, now 20 months old, were born at 32 weeks by cesarean and are happy and healthy toddlers.