Brazilian surfer Ricardo Dos Santos shot and killed by off-duty police officer

Ricardo Dos Santos was daring on the waves. Credit: Instagram

Professional surfer Ricardo Dos Santos has been shot and killed outside his home by an off-duty police officer.

The 24-year-old, who was internationally acclaimed thanks to his daring style, was shot three times and died later in hospital in Florianopolis.

Investigator Marcelo Arruda says the officer in question was acting in self defence, but witnesses state the shooting took place following an argument between the two men.

Surfers from around the world posted messages of condolence after hearing of Dos Santos' death.

Close friend and world surfing champion Gabriel Medina said:“Ricardito, you did not deserve this...Why did this happen to a good person? I don’t understand...always helping others, smiling from ear to ear every day...God comfort his family”.