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British film students graduate - but with Oscar and Bafta nominations

By ITV News correspondent Nina Nannar

Having wowed audiences at Cannes last year, last week their graduation film The Bigger Picture picked up an Oscar nomination in the animated short film category.

There can be few of us who pick up our graduation certificates alongside picking up gongs and nominations for the most prestigious film prizes in the world. But for Daisy Jacobs and Chris Hees it's a reality.

And that followed a Bafta nomination for best British short film.

They only graduated last Summer.

ITV News correspondent Nina Nannar reports:

Daisy Jacobs did an MA in Directing Animation and Chris Hees an MA in Producing at the prestigious National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.

The Bigger Picture took them around a year to make, with the actual filming taking up five and a half months.

What has won much acclaim is Daisy's pioneering use of a new form of animation - called Life Size Stop Motion in which she painted life size characters onto the studio walls, while using 3D stop go animation to allow the figures to interact with their environment.

The subject matter was one close to Daisy's heart - the strain of families caring for an elderly relative, based loosely on the loss of her late grandmother.

That such a difficult subject for a film has won so many accolades is particularly pleasing for her she says.

This film shows the technique they used in action:

Both she and Chris are planning to be at the Oscars.

The school is helping to fund the trip - they are rightly very proud of their graduates - and both Chris and Daisy are looking forward to the exposure helping them to continue with their careers in short filmmaking - an area that is notoriously difficult to find funding for.

Rubbing shoulders with some of the most famous and successful filmmakers in the world should help they say.

Meanwhile, Chris has another important engagement on February 21 - the day before the Oscars.

His brother's getting married in Hull and he's the Best Man.

He intends to flee the wedding, straight after his speech, to head for Heathrow.

From Hull to Hollywood in 36 hours he says, to meet up with his fellow nominee.

It could be a trip well worth their while!