Anti-nuclear activists urge government to 'wrap up' Trident

Protesters unfurled a scarf during a march against Trident nuclear missiles. Credit: John Stillwell/PA

Thousands of anti-nuclear activists have held a protest with a huge scarf to call on the Government to "wrap up" the Trident nuclear missiles programme.

The pink-coloured scarf, knitted by people across the world, encircled the Ministry of Defence building in central London as part of the demonstration today.

Protesters chanted "Wrap up Trident, ban the bomb now" as they unfurled the scarf down Whitehall and along the River Thames.

The anti-nuclear weapons scarf was knitted by people all around the world. Credit: John Stillwell/PA

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) General Secretary, Kate Hudson, who led the scarf carriers, believed it was at least two miles long.

The protest came just days after a debate was held in the Commons on the future of Trident.

Only 37 MPs backed a motion urging the Government to abandon plans to renew Trident, which CND said showed the "gulf" between Westminster and the British public.