Cambridge to spend Man United replay money on toilets

Cambridge fans will be pleased by the windfall. Credit: PA

After earning a draw against Manchester United in the FA Cup, club chairman Dave Doggett says the money made will be spent on facilities.

The League Two side are set to invest the money into the Abbey Stadium, including things such as toilets and tea bars.

“Hopefully we can get the stadium done and start putting in some proper toilets,” Doggett explained to the Sunday Mirror. “Some toilets and tea bars and more hospitality… that’s what we will do.”

It is thought the mid-table League Two club will net around £1.5million from a mixture of TV money and gate receipts, thanks to their FA Cup exploits,

Doggett is hoping the money can be used to help the club in the long-term, rather than short-term ambitions.

Cambridge fans will benefit from the money. Credit: PA
Maybe Cambridge will get their toilet sign better illuminated. Credit: PA

"There's a lot of speculation about how much money the club will be getting but it certainly looks like it's going to be in excess of £1.5 million," Doggett said.

"We obviously need to take stock of where we are but our ambition for some time now has been to improve the stadium.

"It needs modernising and the facilities need to be fit-for-purpose, and I think it's fair to say Friday's performance has been a game changer for the club.

"It's certainly a far cry from the situation we found ourselves in a few years ago where we were reporting losses of around £400,000."