Easyjet flight diverted after 'smoke in cockpit'

An easyjet flight on its way to Bristol has been forced into an emergency landing after smoke was reported in the cockpit.

Flight EZY6238 from Berlin landed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport last night after the pilot said smoke was coming from the cockpit and passengers also reported the smell of smoke in the cabin.

Emergency services met the plane when it landed but no injuries were reported and passengers were said to have disembarked the aircraft normally.

The airline has apologised for the inconvenience caused, blaming a "technical issue" but giving no further details.

Passenger Ellen Braksator told ITV News that she suddenly noticed a "strong smell of smoke" about one hour into the flight before the plane began to descend a few minutes later.

"Everyone noticed the smell but nobody panicked," the 31-year-old neuroscientist said.

"It was a scary experience but really impressed with how professional the easyJet crew were."

A spokeswoman for the airline said: