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'How can he be a mass murderer?' Grandson disowns Auschwitz commandant

Video report by ITV News Presenter Mark Austin

The grandson of a former Nazi who helped organise mass murder at Auschwitz has told ITV News that he has disowned his family because of his grandfather's horrific crimes and dedicated his life to supporting the victims of the Holocaust.

Rainer Hoess is the only member of his family to denounce his grandfather, and former commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolph Hoess, who was responsible for the murder of millions.

Rainer Hoess speaks to ITV News' Mark Austin Credit: ITV News

Speaking about his decision, Mr Hoess said: "I have to do it - I'm the only one in the family who does not deny the Holocaust and the crimes my grandfather took place in."

"He was so friendly as a father and husband - how can he be a family man here and a mass murderer on the other side?" Mr Hoess, who learnt of his grandfather's past when he was 12, said.

Rudolph Hoess was hanged at the gallows in 1947. Credit: ITV News

Rudolph Hoess was hanged for his crimes, just yards from the gas chambers at Auschwitz, in 1947.

"It's one life for millions - it's not enough only to hang him."

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