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'Majority of young students' don't know fundamental Holocaust facts

A prisoner transport arrives at Auschwitz in spring 1945. Credit: dpa/DPA/Press Association Images

The majority of young students do not know some of the most fundamental facts about the Holocaust despite studying it at school, according to a survey to be released by the Holocaust Commission.

It commissioned the world’s largest study of young people’s knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust which was conducted by UCL’s Institute of Education.

'Majority of young students' don't know Holocaust facts Credit: ITV News

Of the 8,000 students of secondary school age questioned in England:

  • More than 3/4 didn’t recognise that ordinary citizens were complicit in the Holocaust
  • More than half thought the Nazi death camps were in Germany rather than in Poland
  • 1/3 underestimated the scale of the Holocaust, believing just two million Jewish people or less were murdered
  • Less than 1/3 knew what "antisemitism" meant - more than half knew what “Islamophobia” meant and 90% understood the term "homophobia”
Students did want to learn more. Credit: ITV News

However, the research also suggests that young students do think it is important to know about the Holocaust.

Of those surveyed, 88% thought all young people should be taught about the Holocaust at school and 70% wanted to learn more about it.

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