BBC warn Phil Neville over "two-foot" comment about Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky

Neville has been warned to be careful about what he says. Credit: PA

The BBC has warned Match of the Day pundits to be "careful" about what they say after Phil Neville told viewers he would "two-foot" an Arsenal player during a show on Sunday.

The former Man United and Everton star's remark came after Tomas Rosicky pulled off a pass without looking during the FA Cup victory against Brighton.

Viewers heard Neville explain: "If that was a training session and somebody did that I'd be first over there and I'd probably look to two-foot him or take him out of the game.

"If somebody did that in training to me, winding me up, I would be straight in there. I'd smash them."

In a statement, BBC Sport responded to their audience's concerns by acknowledging:

This comment was not meant to offend in any way, but on reflection, Phil acknowledges that the language he used was unfortunate.

BBC statement