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Police bullets killed Sydney siege victim Katrina Dawson

Katrina Dawson was one of two hostages killed in the Sydney siege in December.

Sydney siege victim Katrina Dawson was killed by police bullet fragments, an inquest has heard.

The second victim, Tori Johnson, was killed by a bullet to the head from gunman Man Haron Monis.

The Iranian-born extremist took 18 people hostage during the 16-hour siegein a Sydney cafe in December.

Mother-of-three Dawson, 38, was "struck by six fragments of a police bullet or bullets which ricocheted from hard surfaces into her body" after armed officers tormed the cafe to end the siege, the inquest was told.

"She lost consciousness quickly and died shortly afterwards," lawyer Jeremy Gormly said.

Tori Johnson had worked at the Lindt cafe for over two years when he was murdered.

He also confirmed that Tori Johnson, 34, was ordered to kneel before being shot dead by Monis at point blank range.

Monis was killed instantly by several police bullets and bullet fragments to the head and body.

Gormly said investigators had so far not established any contact between the self-styled sheik and Islamic State before the siege.

The inquest in New South Wales, which started today, is aiming to establish how the victims died and if their deaths could have been avoided.

It is also running alongside an inquiry into how Monis was able to access a gun and why he was granted bail while facing charges as an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife and for over 40 sexual assaults.