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Ukrainian soldier writes heartfelt letter on Facebook to mother of the Russian soldier after he spared his life

Alexey wrote the the mother of this unknown Russian soldier. Credit: REUTERS/Courtesy of Alexey Chaban

A Ukrainian soldier has become an internet hero after sharing the story of how he spared the life of a Russian soldier in the ongoing conflict on Facebook.

Alexey Chaban described the incident in a touching open letter to the mother of the soldier after he found the Russian's mobile phone.

Chaban shared a picture of the Russian soldier he found on the phone and described how three soldiers where left defenceless when he stopped the Russian tank.

Chaban claims he could have easily killed the men; "we had to just press the button", but he decided to spare them.

In his letter, which has been shared on Facebook more than 18,500 times, he suggests the mother of the unidentified man tells him: "to make a life by depriving other people's lives is not good."

Chaban urges the man to return home and "find another job."

Alexey Chaban. Credit: REUTERS/Courtesy of Alexey Chaban

The full text of the letter:

Open letter to the Ukrainian army officer tankman the mother of Russian Tank Crew.

Such was the fate of that tank battle January 22, 2015, in my country, our crew was lucky for a moment before the crew of your son (he is pictured). We knocked out their tank, mechanical concussions, and your son (tank commander) and gunner were not injured. When they got out of the damaged car we had to just press the button in his tank, and the three of them would remain only a memory in this sinful world. We did not kill them, we let them go. Your son forgot his phone in the tank with your number and I decided to write you this letter.

In our country, a lot of problems, maybe you know about them or guess. Corruption, lawlessness, crime, poverty, unemployment struck Ukraine, like a cancer.

People became too tired to tolerate it. We began to fight for a better life for ourselves and our children. We kicked President Yanukovych out and want to build a state of law, just want to live better. We do not fascists, we do not care what language they speak, our citizens, we do not eat babies or rape disabled pensioners. We are very ordinary people. We love their land, their children and their lives. We are peaceful people.

I beg you. Better late than never. Tell your son to make a life by depriving other people's lives is not good. Suppose he goes home and finds there another job. Let him take with you one or two more colleagues and we have become easier. Let him live his life in peace and assumes no sin on his soul.

Peaceful sky over your head. Regards, Alex

– Alexey Chaban

Chaban is a reserve tank officer who voluntarily enlisted in July as the pro-Russian insurgency in the neighboring Donetsk and Luhansk regions became increasingly violent, Reuters has reported.

The father of four left his 250-acre farm behind to join the army.

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