Owner claims rottweiler video shows dog 'crying as he mourns dead brother'

Brutus lies on Hank's head as he appears to mourn the death of his brother. Credit: Youtube/ brettvett1

An owner says one of his dogs cried and mourned the death of his other pet in a video posted online.

Brett claims that Brutus would not leave the body of his brother Hank after Hank died during the night.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 275,000 times, Brett can be heard encouraging Brutus to get up and leave Hank but the big dog stays lying with his head resting on the body.

The dogs pictures together last September. Credit: Facebook/ Hank and Brutus Rottweiler Twins

The dogs' owner claims Hank was mourning the loss.

Brett has a Youtube channel and Facebook page dedicated to the dogs and says he collects money for a rottweiler rescue home.