Factory worker saved by dogs after slipping into diabetic coma

The dogs saved Mr Yanzhi's life by keeping him warm Credit: CCTV

They say dogs are a man's best friend - and that was certainly the case for one factory worker in China, whose loyal pets saved his life when he slumped into a diabetic coma.

Lao Yanzhi, who took his dogs with him to work, was covering the overnight shift at a unit in Shenyang when he collapsed into a hypoglycemic coma as temperatures plunged to below -10C (14F).

He lay unconscious on the freezing ground for 10 hours, and was found at 6am the following morning by his colleagues who spotted Mr Yanzhi's faithful friends - all of whom he had raised since they were puppies - lying next to him.

Mr Yanzhi often took his dogs with him when he worked Credit: CCTV
Mr Yanzhi is now recovering in hospital Credit: CCTV

Doctors say without the warmth of the dogs staving off the biting winter air, Mr Yanzhi would have died.

Instead, he managed to escape relatively unscathed, aside from severe frostbite to his hands which were gloveless and had turned black from direct contact with the ground.

He suffered severe frostbite to his hands - but it could have been much worse Credit: CCTV

When I got up, these dogs were surrounding me, some close to me and some a bit far away. There was some snow on the ground that day, which was trodden flat by dogs.

Lao Yanzhi

Mr Yanzhi is now recovering in hospital.