Walter White made a shock return to TV screens last night as Bryan Cranston reprised his most famous role for the Super Bowl XLIX.

As part of the long tradition of creating extra special adverts for the big NFL game, Cranston starred as "sorta Greg" for the Esurance commercial.

As a woman comes to pick up her prescription from the local pharmacy, a familiar face pops up from behind the counter wearing his classic yellow hazmat suit and mask.

When the woman remarks "you're not Greg," Cranston replies, "I'm sorta Greg ... we're both over 50 years old, we both used to own a Pontiac Aztek."

'That's not my prescription' the woman says to 'sorta Greg'. Credit: YouTube/Esurance

"We both have a lot of experience in drugs, sorry, pharmaceuticals," he continues.

"So ... say my name," he insists, in a nod to all Breaking Bad fans.

Other stars who took part in Super Bowl commercials include a Taken-esque Liam Neeson, Danny Trejo and Kim Kardashian. Here are some of the best: