Thousands donated to buy car for man who walks 21 miles to work

The fundraising page for James Robertson Credit:

Well wishers have donated more than $63,000 (£42,000) to help a man who walks 21 miles to and from work every day in the US city of Detroit.

James Robertson, 56, lives some 23 miles from the factory where he works as an injection molder in the suburb of Rochester Hills.

Since the city's bus network is patchy, he has to walk seven miles to the nearest bus stop, and another 13 miles home at the end of his shift.

When a student at Washington State University read about Robertson's plight, he set up a page on a charity fundraising site.

Evan Leedy, 19, initially intended to raise $5,000 (£3,300) to help with the costs of a new car, but donations have soared to more than 12 times that amount and are still coming.

Leedy wrote today: "I cannot thank all the donors enough. This means so much to James and will change his life forever."

Mr Robertson's story went viral after it appeared on the front page of his local newspaper, the Detroit Free Press, which reports that he has been making the epic commute for more than a decade.

As well as cash donations, Mr Robertson has been inundated with offers of lifts, cars and assistance with fuel and insurance costs.

One person commented on the site: "Bless you James for your grace and humbleness - you are an inspiration to us all."