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Real money hidden in Monopoly sets to mark 80th birthday

One lucky Monopoly box contains 20,580 Euros Photo: Jens Buettner/ PA

Board game fans in France are in for a treat after the maker of Monopoly revealed it has hidden more than 30,000 Euros in real money in sets across the country.

One lucky winner will snare 20,580 Euros if they find the specially packaged box of the game which has had all of its paper money replaced with real cash, and a further 79 winners will scoop the remainder of the 33,930 Euros that game makers Hasbro has hidden in its Monopoly sets.

Brand manager at Hasbro France, Florence Gaillard, said: “We wanted to do something unique.

“When we asked our French customers, they told us they wanted to find real money in their Monopoly boxes.”

Fake Monopoly cash has been replaced by real Euros in 80 special boxes that are on sale in France Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Apart from the main prize box which contains 20,580 Euros, 10 additional sets contain five real 20 Euro notes, two 50 Euro notes and one 100 Euro note, and 69 sets have five 10 Euro notes and five 20 Euro notes inside.

The boxes containing the cash prizes went on sale on Monday and are hidden in editions of the classic, junior, electronic and “vintage” editions of the game. They are packaged identically to the normal boxes and there are no clues as to which boxes contain the cash prize.

Although Monopoly's cash giveaway is currently only taking part in France, Hasbro says there will be an as yet unspecified treat for English customers in March when the game reaches its 80th birthday in the UK.