Cornish village faces backlash over plan to reinstate 'Hitler's Walk' sign at beauty spot

Video report by ITV News' Rupert Evelyn

A Cornish village has sparked controversy over its plans to rename a local beauty spot as "Hitler's walk".

Mevagissey Parish Council announced proposals last month to reinstate the controversial sign which was removed 10 years ago following complaints.

The sign was originally put up in the 1930s to mock unpopular local councillor Wright Harris, who earned a reputation for the authoritarian manner in which he walked around the area.

Critics fear the 'Hitler's Walk' sign will offend the Jewish community. Credit: ITV News
The village is divided over whether the sign should be reintroduced. Credit: ITV News

Residents say the sign celebrates local history and does not honour Adolf Hitler.

"It's a little bit of local history and also if visitors ask why it is that called that we can tell them," pub owner Billy Moore said.

"It is not doing anybody any harm; it's not anti-anybody; it's just the fact that's what we call it."

However, critics say the reference to the Nazi dictator is offensive to the village's Jewish community and would heavily damage the area's reputation.

"Anything that's going to provide negative publicity for Mevahissey and hurt the tourism industry is a bad thing," village councillor James Mustoe told ITV News.