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Donetsk residents are all players in a terrible lottery

  • By John Angier - ITV News senior foreign editor

They buried Dmitry Limonov in a line of fresh graves in an overgrown cemetery on the outskirts of Donetsk. His mother sobbed throughout: "My boy, my beautiful boy, what am I going to do without you?" Artillery thudded in the distance over the city. The gravediggers covered his coffin quickly and moved on.

Nastya cradles newborn Milana earlier this week(L); with husband Dmitry in happier times. Credit: ITV News

We told Dmitry's story on ITV News on Monday. He was a young man of 23 who only three weeks before had seen the birth of his first child, a little girl called Milana. On Sunday, Dmitry went out to get some baby milk. As he walked along the street, a shell landed next to him. His death leaves a wife without a husband and a daughter without a father.

The twisted remains of a car that was hit by a shell in Donetsk. Credit: ITV News

This is a civil war which is killing civilians with appalling randomness. Shells and rockets from both sides fall frequently in residential areas. Today we filmed at a hospital which had been hit. The body of a boy lay outside under a sheet, one of at least three dead.

At least three people were killed when a shell landed outside this hospital in Donetsk. Credit: ITV News

In a nearby hospital we found some of the injured: medical staff who had been hurt while working to help others. On our return journey, we passed a junction for the third time today. This time the wreckage of a car was spread across the road next to a smoking crater. Inside were the remains of two people: passers-by just as Dmitry had been, and like him, victims of this terrible lottery.

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