Exactly how much is the UK ploughing into the fight against Islamic State militants?

The so-called Islamic State flag flies in Syria Credit: Reuters

A group of MPs has accused Britain of a "surprisingly modest" contribution to efforts to tackle Islamic State militants.

Despite claims from ministers that the UK's contribution was second only to the US, the Defence Select Committee found the country was in stark contrast to the resources put forward by other nations.

The report states that Britain could and should step up its commitments, and reveals exactly how far behind other countries it is:

Air strikes

  • Britain: 99

  • US: 1,676

The Defence Secretary announced in December that there had been 99 air strikes since the UK became involved.

By comparison, just a few days earlier, US Central Command revealed a total of 1,676 strikes had been carried out.

This means the UK is responsible for just six per cent of the strikes - fewer than one a day.

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters pose with an Islamic State flag, which they pulled down after capturing Mount Batnaya, near Zummar, in September Credit: Reuters


Nations around the world have pledged help to the Kurdish Regional Government and Kurdish Forces, upon whom they are relying as the primary means of beating back the extremist terror group.


  • 40 heavy machine guns


  • 8,000 G3 assault rifles with 2 million rounds of 7.62mm ammunition;

  • 40 MG3 machine guns with 1 million rounds of 7.62mm ammunition;

  • 8,000 G36 assault rifles with 4 million rounds of 5.56mm ammunition;

  • 8,000 Walther P1 pistols with 1 million rounds of 9mm ammunition;

  • 30 MILAN anti-tank guided missile launchers with 500 anti-tank rounds;

  • 200 Panzerfaust 3 light anti-tank weapons with 2,500 rounds;

  • 40 Carl Gustaf 84mm recoilless rifles with 1,000 battlefield illumination rounds;

  • 100 flare guns (signal pistols) with 4,000 battlefield illumination rounds;

  • 10,000 hand grenades;

  • 4,000 sets of personal protection equipment (helmets, body armour, ballistic safety glasses)

  • 270 personal medical kits

  • 5 Dingo armoured vehicles


  • 393 up-armoured Humvees

  • 25 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles

Kurdish fighters are the main force opposing Islamic State militants Credit: Reuters

Personnel outside the Kurdish regions

  • UK: 3

  • Australia: 400

  • Spain: 300

  • Italy: 280

  • US: 3,100