Hate crimes British Jews were subjected to in 2014

Hate crimes against British Jews have doubled in the past year. Credit: PA

In 2014, Jewish charity The Community Security Trust (CST) recorded a record number of anti-Semitic incidents in the UK.

Here are some examples:

  • In an incident deemed "extreme violence", a victim was called a "Jewish c***" and then hit with a glass and a baseball bat in London.

  • A Jewish man cycling to a synagogue in Manchester was knocked off his bike and kicked on the ground while his attackers called him a "Jew".

  • In Edinburgh, a 12-year-old boy sprayed deodorant onto a Jewish girl in his school year while saying: "Gas the Jews."

  • In Manchester, five cars with pro-Palestinian banners drove through a Jewish area shouting abuse and throwing eggs and cans at pedestrians.

  • In Hertfordshire, several cars in the same road, which were owned by Jewish residents, had swastikas scratched onto them.

  • In London, two men entered a Kosher restaurant, made a Nazi salute and shouted: "Heil, Adolf Hitler" before grabbing a diner in a bear hug.

  • In Norfolk, a leaflet placed amongst Israeli produce in a supermarket read: "Deny the Holocaust? Of course there was a Holocaust. What a pity Adolf and Co. didn't manage to finish the job properly!"