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The Interview out in UK cinemas from today

The stars of the film, James Franco and Seth Rogen. Credit: Reuters

The film has caused controversy and even prompted a cyber attack, but cinema-goers will be able to see The Interview in the UK from today.

Starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, the Hollywood movie depicts an assassination plot on North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Sony originally pulled the film after its computer systems were hacked, allegedly by North Korea.

But it went on to take over $1 million when it was released in America on Christmas Daywith some cinemas reporting queues around the block.

Amnesty International is also releasing a film their billing as "the film North Korea doesn't want you to see".

Named "The Other Interview", it is a harrowing account of the life of young Korean woman Park Ji-hyun.

In a powerful first-person account she explains how she fled starvation in North Korea, before being trafficked into China where she was sold to a farmer and forced to work like a slave.

Ji-hyun gave birth to the farmer's son, but was separated from him when she was reported to the Chinese authorities for having fled North Korea, and forcibly returned.

She was then sent to one of North Korea's hellish prison camps where she faced starvation and torture before eventually escaping.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said: "People in North Korea are subjected to an existence beyond nightmares.

"The population is ruled by fear with a network of prison camps a constant spectre for those who dare step out of line.

"Thousands of people in the camps are worked to death, starved to death, beaten to death. Some are sent there just for knowing someone who has fallen out of favour.

"Amnesty is releasing 'The Other Interview' so that people all over the world can hear first-hand how people in North Korea are suffering appallingly at the hands of Kim Jong-un and his officials.

"They don't want you to see it, which is precisely why you should."