Worst Elsa ever? Five-year-old's party 'ruined' by Frozen performer who 'looked like she'd left a rave at 6am'

The entertainer's real hair was clearly showing. Credit: SWNS

A mum has complained that her daughter's birthday party was "ruined" when a "lookalike" of Elsa from Frozen turned up late in a bad wig and scruffy dress - claiming the real one couldn't make it.

Luci Hindmarsh from Hackney in east London booked the entertainer for her daughter Misty's fifth birthday party, and said she was promised a magical experience for the youngster and her friends.

However, she claims the woman they got arrived in normal clothes before putting on a dress that looked as if "she'd left a rave at 6am".

The children were then left baffled after the performer belted out a 70s rock song along with the numbers from the hit Disney film.

Luci, 35, says the booking agents forced her to pay the full £175 bill, despite her tearful daughter asking: "Why didn't Elsa come?"

"One of the little girls asked 'where is Elsa?' and she said 'Elsa couldn't make it, I'm here instead'. That grated on me the most," she said.

Luci has now received a 50% refund by the company, London's AEIOU Parties, but she said: "It's not about the money. They ruined my daughter's birthday party."

Alex Domingo, regional manager for the AEIOU Parties said they "wouldn't like to get into any more discussions with Miss Luci" and said they were unhappy the pictures had been posted online.

"The pictures were not taken with the permission of the entertainer and she is now a little upset about the publication of those pictures.

"Some of the things that she has said in her blog are not quite nice about her.

"We have nothing really to say about the party. We've already talked about it with her. We don't really want to get involved any more in all this."