Prince Charles calls radicalisation of young people 'alarming'

The Prince of Wales has said the extent to which young people in Britain are becoming radicalised is "alarming" and one of the "greatest worries" as he began his Middle East tour.

Prince Charles partly blamed the temptation of risk and adventure in growing numbers of people joining extremist organisations, but said the "frightening part" was the role of the internet.

In the interview with BBC Radio 2's Sunday Hour, he also suggested that when he becomes King he may still be sworn in as Defender of the (Anglican) Faith - following years of speculation that the title could be changed to encompass all faiths.

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However, he believes an important part of the role is to be a "protector" of every religion in multicultural Britain.

Charles was interviewed ahead of the start of his six-day tour to the Middle East, a region under heavy threat from extremists such as the so-called Islamic State.