Prince Charles meets Syrian refugees in Jordan

Prince Charles is greeted by a Jordanian Police woman. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

The Prince of Wales has heard the moving stories of Syrian refugees during a visit to a Jordanian camp where tens of thousands of displaced people live.

Charles toured a supermarket in the Al Zaatari refugee camp, 30 minutes from the Syrian border, walked down its main street and even sampled fresh bread and tea from shops along his route.

Charles chatted to the shoppers through an interpreter and around them were well stocked shelves and chilled cabinets selling everything from meat and milk to vegetables and frozen goods

Prince Charles tours a supermarket in Zaatari refugee Camp in Jordan. Credit: Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

They use pre-paid credit cards to buy their food and Charles was given one with around 20 Jordanian dinar (£18) as he walked into the store, and during his brief tour he chatted separately to two fathers buying supplies with their families.

Prince Charles chats to an aid worker in a supermarket at the refugee camp. Credit: Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

The heir to the throne was joined at the camp by International Development Secretary Justine Greening as her department has provided financial aid to Jordan.

Prince Charles in a classroom with boys learning to write Arabic. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Former British police working for a private company have helped to transform the camp's atmosphere by training Jordanian officers in community policing.

Security in the camp has also improved considerably since it opened in July 2012, said Brigadier General Waddah Hmoud who is in command of all five Syrian refugee camps in Jordan which are home to more than 600,000 people.

Al Zaatari with a population of around 85,000 and services like schools, hospitals and sport and recreation areas is more like a small town.