Screams as shell 'hits Ukrainian soup kitchen'

Locals claim the community soup kitchen was shelled by the Ukrainian army.

Video footage appears to show the moment a shell strikes a community soup kitchen in eastern Ukraine.

Locals claim the building, located in the rebel-controlled Pervomaisk, was shelled by the Ukrainian army.

As volunteers clear the broken glass and rubble from a previous attack, a loud bang is heard and the people inside run for cover.

One woman cries from under a table as she is shielded from the blast.

"We are civilians," she says, claiming, "The Ukrainian army is shelling the soup kitchen."

The volunteers run from the building to another nearby.

After the noise subsides the volunteers run to a nearby building, frantically shouting at each other.

As they reach their destination they go downstairs into the basement. One woman holds another as she weeps in her arms.

One woman cries as the volunteers make it to the relative safety of the basement.

The video comes as congressional aides said US politicians are developing legislation to provide "defensive lethal assistance" for Ukraine.