Residents of Bangor in the US state of Maine have released a lavish music video imploring people to pronounce the name of their city correctly.

"We are Bangor, we are not Banger," run the lyrics of the song, which is belted out by police officers, reporters and doctors.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube last month, had been watched almost 140,000 times at time of writing.

(Video: Sutherland Weston/YouTube)

The music video starts with two music promoters taking a call from rocker Ozzy Osborne, which quickly turns into an argument over how to pronounce the city's name.

"We need a public service announcement," one of them says, before the other chips in: "No, we need an anthem".

Bangor, population 33,000, is in the extreme north-west of the US and shares its name with the city and region in north-west Wales.

Bangor, Maine in the US. Credit: Google Maps

Some of the more memorable lines in the slickly-produced video include:

We are Bangor / We are not Banger / It's pronounced more like 'stores' and less like 'airplane hanger'.

lyrics from the song

It ends with a final plea to viewers: "Is it too much to ask that you just say it right?"