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Girl fired from pizzeria before starting work after boss sees disparaging tweet

A teenager jobseeker from Texas got a slice of bad luck when she posted a dismissive tweet about her new job at a local pizza restaurant and was promptly fired before she had even started work.

Cella appeared less than enthusiastic about gaining employment at Jet's Pizza in Mansfield when she posted a tweet about the role ahead of her first day.

Cella did not appear to be looking forward to starting work at Jet's Pizza. Credit: Twitter/@Cellla

But in the end, Cella wasn't required to start the job at all because the manager of Jet's Pizza saw her post and instantly sacked her live on Twitter.

Robert Waple decided against hiring Cella following her outburst. Credit: Twitter/@Robertwaple

Cella appeared to take the news in good humour, including some 'crying with laughter' emojis on her next tweet revealing that she had lost a job she never started.

The unemployed teenager received a mixed reaction from Twitter users, who began to flock to her feed and follow her in their hundreds.

One said she had "dodged a bullet" given the manager's reaction to her harmless post.

Others were less complimentary: