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Japan zoo rehearses escape drill - with man dressed in leopard print onesie

When a zoo in Tokyo staged an escape drill in case one of the animals escaped, this probably wasn't what most people would have in mind.

The 'snow leopard' used in the drill. Credit: RTV

Instead of a real-life snow leopard, staff were faced with the terrifying prospect of catching - a man dressed in a leopard print onesie.

The 'snow leopard' attacks staff as they try to catch it. Credit: RTV

As the 'snow leopard' runs amok round the zoo - much to the bemusement of visitors - staff put nets up to try and fence it in.

A zoo keeper fires a tranquilizer dart at the animal. Credit: RTV

Some staff stop to help when one staff member gets 'attacked' but once the others have the 'animal' surrounded, a zoo keeper shoots a tranquilizer dart at it.

The leopard falls to the ground after being tranquilized. Credit: RTV

The wounded snow leopard then limps to the ground and staff make sure it is sedated by poking its head with a stick.

The snow leopard is 'brought under control'. Credit: RTV

But who was really under there all along?

Yukata Funda, director of the Tama Zoological Park said afterwards: "We focused on making this drill as realistic as possible. One of our staff being knocked down and injured was a part of that."

Toshiya Nomura, who played the snow leopard, said: "Personally, I feel like I did my best but it didn't work for kids. I'm a bit disappointed."

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