Footage posted online today shows a number of rockets landing on civilian areas in Kramatorsk, Ukraine.

Bomb disposal teams, using trucks chains and ropes were seen pulling what appears to be a rocket from the ground as it landed near a block of flats.

It is not known whether the rocket exploded or not before it was pulled from the grater it created.

Rockets killed more than 10 civilians and soldiers today deep inside Ukrainian government held territory today as pro-Russian rebels continued their assault on the eve of peace talks in Kiev.

Local officials in Kramatorsk said at least seven civilians died when rockets hit an area near the main headquarters of the Ukrainian military campaign in the east, as well as nearby residential areas. They said 26 civilians and ten soldiers were killed.

The rebels denied firing on the town, but their ability to reach so far into Ukrainian-held territory will place yet more pressure on the peace talks aimed at reestablishing the ceasefire broken by separatists last month.

Footage shot from inside a car by Yanka Yankina shows rockets and shelling down on streets and roads near apartment blocks in Kramatorsk.

European officials told Reuters they were prepared for the difficulty in getting rebels to agree to halt and go back to earlier positions after weeks during which they have been advancing relentlessly.

A man looks out of his broken window in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. Credit: Reuters

A Russian source quoted by the state RIA news agency said there were no plans to sign a document to resolve the conflict at the peace talks, and the main subject would be creation of a demilitarized zone.

A Ukrainian serviceman guards the street next to the remains of a rocket shell in the town of Kramatorsk. Credit: Reuters