Women who were switched at birth awarded £300,000 by French court

Manon Serrano (L) pictured here with her mother Sophie was one of the two women who were switched at birth. Credit: Reuters

Two 20-year old women who were accidentally swapped at birth, have been awarded €400,000 (£300,000) each by a French court.

A private clinic and an insurance company has to pay out the large sum as part of a €1.88m (£1.4m) payment to both families involved.

The original mix up occurred in July 1994, when a nurse's assistant at the Clinica Jourdan in Cannes gave newborn Manon Serrano to the wrong mother, handing Sophie Serrano the baby next to her instead.

After three years the "new" Manon had started to develop curly hair and olive skin, unlike either of her parents.

DNA tests conducted in 2004 proved that Manon was not Serrano's daughter, nor that of Serrano's husband - who had already separated from his wife following rumours that their daughter's difference of appearance was a result of his wife's infidelity.

An investigation ultimately proved that Manon was the biological daughter of a family that lived less than 20 miles away.

Manon Serrano (L) will receive €400,000 and her mother Sophie will get €300,000 Credit: Reuters

The other family in the case has chosen to remain anonymous.

€300,000 (£230,000) has also been ordered to be paid to each of the three parents involved, as well as €60,000 (£45,000) each to three siblings.