The advice issued to families by CQC on care home secret filming

Families have been issued guidance on setting up hidden cameras to check up on the care of their loved ones in hospitals and homes.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is publishing the information for the first time following several high profile incidents where secret devices have been used.

Stanley Nkenka was jailed for 6 months at Preston Crown Court after being secretly filmed by a patients parents.

The advice suggests those thinking of using a camera should consider how it may intrude on other people's privacy and to think about raising their concerns with the relevant parties first.

CQC issues advice to families on care home secret filming Credit: Reuters

Installing equipment secretly could break the contract of service at the hospital or care home, so it is important to check what the care service's policy is, the leaflet warns.It also says consent should preferably be obtained from the patient or, if this is not possible, to question whether using a covert device is in their best interests.