Euro: How you can get the best for your money

Credit: PA

At the time of writing this, the exchange rate is now just below 1.35 Euros to a pound.

Many of us will remember travelling when there was just about parity - one pound for one euro. How times have changed.

But you do have to be nimble to take full advantage.

Many brochure prices for packages wont change. The trade says that's because many of the big operators paid for accommodation, flights, food services in advance before we had this rate.

So insiders tell me you may be better asking about what's known as "dynamic packaging" where a firm can build you a holiday based on today's prices. However, check what protection you are getting because the big ABTA and ATOL schemes may not apply.

The exchange rate is now just below 1.35 Euros to a pound. Credit: PA

In the UK, we tend to book all inclusives but you can make savings on your food and drink with these rates - so self catering is looking more attractive.

And clearly, when booking accommodation, it may be best to look at properties priced in Euros not pounds.

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