ITV News ComRes poll reveals Labour lead in crucial marginal seats

Good news for Ed Miliband but will this advantage translate into enough seats? Credit: PA Wire

Ed Miliband has had a tricky start to the year but our latest ITV/Comres poll brings a message from the marginals that gives Labour a boost.

We polled 1004 people from the 40 closest Labour/Conservative swing seats across England and Wales - the places where this election will be won and lost - and despite being almost neck and neck nationally, in the marginal seats Labour is much further ahead.

40% of voters are saying that they intend to vote Labour, compared to 31% Conservative.

Ukip are still beating the Liberal Democrats to third place - on 15% versus just 8%. And the Greens are on 5%.

That is not a huge movement since we polled the same seats back in November - but Labour will take heart from the fact that they still have a lead and they are moving in the right direction - up 1%.

Whereas the Tories' position is unchanged despite the improving economy and despite talking about their long term economic plan - a lot.

It's Ukip who have lost most support - down by 3%, which reflects what some pollsters think - that Ukip might have reached their high water mark.

These marginals are the seats will be watching most closely on election night.

Labour has the advantage now, but when you factor in the SNP's rise in Scotland, it still might not translate into enough seats to give Ed Miliband's party a majority.