Copenhagen attack: Eyewitness tells of machine gun fire 'coming closer'

The attack took place at Krudttønden in Copenhagen. Credit: Reuters

An activist who was at the blasphemy debate targeted by a gunman in Copenhagen today has told ITV News of the moment she realised they were under machine gun attack.

Polish artist and curator Agnieszka Kolek said: "We could hear the sound coming closer and hear the police shouting, all in Danish so I couldn't really tell".

She said artist Lars Vilks was among those evacuated from the Krudttønden cafe shortly after.

Kolek added that some of those present decided to continue the meeting after the fatal shooting, which left one man dead and three police officers injured.

"The reason for the attack is not just to kill us, it is also to shut down any conversation, any open discussion in an open society like Europe. "So we decided to continue with the meeting."

She added that those who said the event should never have taken place was a "bigger threat to us than anyone coming and waving a gun"