The Competition and Markets Authority is the most powerful trade watchdog in Britain.

For months it has trained its top flight, well-paid experts onto the energy market.

Today, it gave us the most significant update so far on it's thinking - and its thinking may worry many customers.

It is not focusing on breaking up the big power firms or ordering them to pass on cuts in wholesale prices - instead, it is saying something so obvious it hardly needs saying at all.

The CMA (which so far has turned down my request to appear on ITV to explain itself ) says customers who don't switch energy supplier pay more. I looked back at who has already said this:

  • Department of Energy and Climate change

  • Which?

  • CAB

  • Ofgem

  • Uswitch

  • Energy Helpline

... and the list goes on.

The main points from the CMA update are:

  • Energy company profits from those on standard variable tariffs are 13% higher than average revenue say officials today

  • 95% of energy customers on standard tariffs could save by switching

  • average saving would be up to £234 a year

The final report from the CMA is expected in December. Based on today's update few will be holding out hopes of powerful new insights.