'How's Adam?' EastEnders actress fluffs line on live TV

Jo Joyner quickly realised her mistake. Credit: BBC One/EastEnders

By Cheryl Smith: ITV News

Actress Jo Joyner said she was "gutted" after fluffing a line during her big comeback as Tanya Branning on EastEnders live.

During one of the soap's live segments Joyner asked her character's best friend, "How's Adam?" - accidentally referring to actor Adam Woodyatt rather than Ian Beale.

You can see the panic on the face of Laurie Brett, who plays Jane Beale. Credit: BBC One/EastEnders

Twitter once again went into an #EELive meltdown as viewers questioned what they had actually heard.

But the looks on the faces of Joyner and fellow actress Laurie Brett, who plays Jane Beale, definitely gave the game away.

Not only was #EELive trending but so was #HowsAdam.

She even made it into memes.

As did Adam .... I mean Ian.

Joyner definitely appeared nervous ahead of her live debut.

After the event the actress took it in good spirits, tweeting Brett and Woodyatt to ask how Adam was.

It turns out Adam's fine.

Coming to the rescue, comedian David Schneider suggested one way the EastEnders team could get around the #HowsAdam moment.