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Killer of Lucy Beale revealed in live Eastenders episode

The mystery over who is responsible for the death of Lucy Beale has finally been solved in two live episodes with a killer final twist in the final moments this evening.

Lucy Beale. Credit: BBC One

Earlier Jane Beale was unmasked as the killer, in a move that shocked the nation - though many aired suspicions that she was covering for somebody else.

And the sceptics were proved right, as tonight Ian's son Bobby was revealed as the true killer.

Jane Beale. Credit: BBC One EastEnders

Earlier viewers following the #EELive hashtag tweeted their shock at Jane being named as the killer.

However, in a shocking twist revealed later in the evening in another live show, the real killer was revealed as Bobby Beale, Ian's young son.

Bobby was seen in a flashback episode brandishing a music box, as Lucy's body lay limp beside the sofa of the family home.

A night of shock for viewers. Credit: BBC One/Eastenders

The pyjama-wearing killer told his shaken step-mother Jane:

Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy.

– Bobby Beale