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Police officers form guard of honour in last tribute to favourite police dog

Judge makes his final trip. Credit: Jim Six/

Police officers formed a guard of honour to salute one of their own when favourite K-9 unit Judge made his final walk.

Mike Franks walks Judge into the clinic. The 'sleeve' Judge carries is his favourite from training. Credit: Jim Six/

Judge had started his career with handler Cpl Mike Franks in 2007 and the dog was deployed more than 280 times, in cases such as drug detection and tracking.

However after a distinguished career which saw him help in the arrest of 152 people, the seizure of three vehicles, the removal of three handguns from the streets, drug seizures, and the confiscation of more than $47,000 in cash, Judge was forced to retire in 2013 due to issues with his teeth.

West Depford and other police salute Judge as he walks into the clinic. Credit: Jim Six/

In June last year the German Shepherd's health deteriorated and he was diagnosed with Cushings Disease.

Local fundraising had generated $10,000 for Judge's care but his condition became worse and this week Judge was taken in to be put down.

However he did not go alone as local police officers gave him a guard of honour into the veterinary clinic.