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Man spends £100,000 to look like his idol Madonna

Madonna is set to perform at the Brits for the first time in 20 years tomorrow - but if she pulls out Adam Guerra could step in.

Adam and the real Material Girl in the Eighties. Credit: ITV/This Morning

The 31-year-old has spent 12 years and £100,000 transforming himself into the Queen of Pop and now tours all over the world impersonating her.

Speaking to This Morning, Adam said: "I became obsessed with Madonna when I was 15.

"At 18, I started performing in drag and one night I went out and did Madonna and I got a huge response from the audience and this big lightbulb went off in my head.

"I said, hey, maybe something can happen with this. At first it was a dream and then I kept pursuing it and now I'm here."

Adam strikes a pose. Credit: ITV/This Morning

Since then Adam has had fillers, cheek implants, jaw surgery and a brow lift, and is now saving up to get a bottom implant.

Host Ruth Langsford asked if that was because Madonna recently flashed her derriere on the red carpet at the Grammys.

But Adam said: "I love that she did that. But I just want mine a little bigger, maybe not exactly like hers."

Madonna flashed her bottom at this year's Grammys. Credit: PA

Adam has yet to meet his idol but said he would love to show her his costume collection, complete with cone bras.

Asked why it had to be Madonna, Adam replied: "Because Madonna is the queen. I feel her spirit in me. It's a labour of love and I love what I do.

"People literally feel like they're watching Madonna and that's what I've been trying to do from day one, bring that illusion to life.

"That is my passion and it warms my heart to see people with smiles on their faces."

See what Adam looks like as himself and what he does to transform himself into Her Madgesty below: