Complex story of the years before Mohammed Emwazi's arrival in Syria

The story of the years preceding Mohammed Emwazi's arrival in Syria is a complex one.

What we have found out in Kuwait fills in some gaps, but adds to the mystery of why he joined the group that calls itself the Islamic State.

Mohammed Emwazi is also known as 'Jihadi John'. Credit: ITV News

He worked in Kuwait City for a few months in 2010.

He was taken on as a salesman for a computer software firm.

His former employer remembers him as "a model employee", and is deeply shocked that the "calm and quiet" young man they remember went on to become the man the world now knows as 'Jihadi John'.

The Jahra area of Kuwait. Credit: ITV News

Emwazi's parents come from the Jahra area of Kuwait, about 90 minutes' drive from the capital.

They are believed to have been questioned by the security services here, and to have told them that they last heard from their son nearly two years ago, when he called them from Turkey to do humanitarian work.

He called is parents from Turkey to say he was going to Syria. Credit: ITV News

Kuwaiti government officials say his mother recognised his voice in the very first beheading video he appeared in.

It appears that Emwazi at one point wanted to settle in Kuwait.

He left there in 2010 for a short trip back to the UK, and tried twice to return, but the authorities there would not let him.

At one point Emwazi wanted to settle in Kuwait. Credit: ITV News

Four years later he was wielding a knife at a camera in Syia.

There is as much shock in Kuwait at the man Emwazi became, as there is among those who remember a schoolboy in Northwest London.

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