Girlfriend of murdered Russian politician Boris Nemstov being 'treated as a suspect' her mother fears

People marched to commemorate Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov. Credit: Reuters

The mother of the girlfriend of murdered Russian politician Boris Nemstov has given an interview to Ukrainian television in which she says she’s worried her daughter is being treated as if she had something to do with the killing.

Inna Duritskaya says her daughter Anna is crying all the time and asking for help.

She said her daughter is being put under psychological pressure, repeatedly taken to the police station, even though she’s not a suspect but a witness.

A March took place in Moscow to commemorate Boris Nemtsov. Credit: Reuters

In an earlier interview via Skype, Anna Duritskaya said she had told the police everything she knew. “I don’t understand why I’m still being held on the territory of the Russian Federation”, she said.

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Russian policemen detained Boris Nemtsov during protests in 2010. Credit: Reuters

Anna is Ukrainian, and her mother thinks that may have something to do with the way she is being treated.