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Lack of ambition will see Newcastle fans quit - Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer isn't pleased with the current regime. Photo: PA

Newcastle legend Alan Shearer has hit out at the club for a lack of ambition under owner Mike Ashley.

The former striker believes fans will soon consider giving up their season tickets at St James' Park if the club don't bring in a new set of stars.

Mike Ashley has taken plenty of criticism in his time at Newcastle. Credit: PA

"There is no excitement, no anticipation. It takes its toll, even on the most loyal fans in the country. Fans want to dream their team can be successful, whether that's in a domestic cup competition or in Europe," Shearer told the Telegraph.

"Newcastle fans at the minute are showing why they are some of the best around, because they can't dream. They've been told the cups aren't a priority, that finishing 10th in the Premier League is more important."

Shearer is worried fans will turn their backs on Newcastle. Credit: PA

Shearer is particularly disappointed with the club's attitudes towards cup competitions, which are an afterthought for Ashley, as they don't make business sense.

"Over the last few years, they've been knocked out of the cup competitions early and they've been happy to do that, year after year," he said.

"When you look at the teams that are left in the FA Cup this year, but also the year before when Hull got to the final and Wigan Athletic before that.

"Bradford, Reading ,West Brom, Blackburn and Villa are in the quarter-finals this year and Newcastle are out. They must look at it now and think 'God, why not us'. Except the thing is, they probably don't.

"That's the most disappointing thing. That's where we are now with Newcastle. They told us the league is the main priority and the cups aren't a priority. But that's what fans dream of, a trip to Wembley, of playing in Europe. Newcastle can't win the Premier League."

John Carver is the man to lead Newcastle for the remainder of the season. Credit: PA

Fans could walk away from the club unless things improve soon, but Shearer isn't expecting thing to change.

"Unless the club are going to bring in a load of exciting players in the summer, which is highly unlikely when you look at the way it's been run, then I think people might look at giving up. I can only tell you what my mates are thinking about doing because of the lack of hope at the minute.

"I'd dearly love us to have a cup run, I'd dearly love us to get to Wembley again, I'd much rather that than just finish in mid-table year after year.

"It's not going to happen because we've played a weakened team in every cup game. They've been playing weakened teams in cup competitions since 2007."