Emwazi's father: No evidence my son is 'Jihadi John'

ITV News' Geraint Vincent with lawyers for Jassem Emwazi Credit: ITV News

Lawyers for Mohammed Emwazi's father have told ITV News there is no evidence that his son is Islamic State killer 'Jihadi John'.

They said Jassem Emwazi was questioned by authorities in Kuwait for three hours on Sunday before he was released without any charge or conditions.

"There's no evidence this is his son. His face is covered," they told ITV News, referring to the videos featuring the masked killer.

It comes after advocacy group Cage released an audio recording of Mohammed Emwazi in which he claims he was threatened by MI5 five years ago.

Mohammed Emwazi said MI5 were keeping a 'close eye' on him. Credit: ITV News

In the recording, Emwazi said an MI5 handler suggested he was an extremist and told him that British security services were "going to keep a close eye on" him in what he describes as a "threatening" way.

ITV News Middle East correspondent Geraint Vincent reports from Kuwait: