Hopes Sierra Leone was Ebola free dashed after spate of deaths

One man returned to a village and swiftly led to the deaths of 26 people.

Hopes that Ebola was about to be eradicated in Sierra Leone have been dashed, after a new wave of infections swept through a village, killing dozens.

Just one infected man returning to a village led to the swift deaths of 26 people.

ITV News Africa Correspondent John Ray reports:

But neighbouring Liberia still dares to hope it has finally seen the end of the disease, after its last known patient walked out of hospital, cured.

It is hoped that Beatrice Yardolo will be Liberia's last Ebola patient.

Beatrice Yardolo left an Ebola clinic this week, having lost her three children to the disease.

No new cases have been reported in the country in the last fortnight.

A clinic run by NHS volunteers.