Pop diva Madonna has said that she "couldn't help myself" when she flashed her bottom at the Grammys.The star, 56, surprised onlookers and made headlines around the world when she showed off her posterior, in fishnet tights and a black thong, on the red carpet.

She told The Jonathan Ross Show - to be broadcast on Saturday - that her daughter Lourdes was mortified."I couldn't help myself! One is allowed one cheeky moment per awards show," she said.

"If Lola [Lourdes] is around she will definitely give me the once over and say 'Oh mum, no you are not leaving the house like that!'"She did take a picture of my butt sticking out (at the Grammys) and sent it back to me saying 'mum, really?!' and I said it was a wardrobe malfunction."The star, who caused a sensation when she fell during her Brits performance last month, said that a voice in her head told her to flash at the Grammys.

"I swear to God, it was after I left the big pen you have to stand in where all the paparazzi are standing and I turned around and that naughty devilish voice in my head - sometimes I tune into it and sometimes I shut it off completely - said 'lift up your skirt' and I did!"The mother-of-four said that despite her fame, her children are not aware of her early hits like Holiday.

"They don't even know (what) that is ... Honestly they don't go past Vogue ... I mean it's just, it's another century isn't it? It'll happen. They're in the 90s (songs) right now, I can't ask them to go back another decade!"The star said it felt like she was somewhere "exotic" when she lived in England with then husband, film director Guy Ritchie.

"I'd never been horseback riding before, I didn't know about fly fishing, I never drank ale, I mean the list goes on and on ... I really enjoyed living here and I love adapting to new environments and I did enjoy myself, I learned a lot," she said.

And she said of her tough image: "People think that I am an armadillo and they can say whatever they want and nothing is going to bother me and that's simply not true."

The Jonathan Ross Show Madonna Special is broadcast on March 14 at 9.20pm on ITV