ITV News poll: Cameron has damaged his reputation over TV debates

Credit: PA

David Cameron has damaged his reputation by trying to avoid TV debates with other leaders, according to a new ComRes poll for ITV News.

The poll found 64% of people agreed with this statement. However, nearly half (46%) said the debates would make no difference to the way they vote in this year's General Election.

The poll also found 71% agreed the debates should go ahead even if the Prime Minister does not take part.

And 63% said broadcasters should leave an empty chair out for Cameron if he does not attend.

The majority of people think Nigel Farage will perform best in the debates. Credit: PA

Of all the five main party leaders, Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage are thought most likely to want the TV debates to happen.

A third (32%) thought Ukip leader Farage would perform best overall while three in 10 (31%) predicted Green Party leader Natalie Bennett would perform worse.

But the majority (59%) of the 2,026 adults questioned said they thought the Prime Minister was cowardly in trying to avoid the debates.

Broadcasters have said they will go ahead with a series of TV debates despite Cameron saying he will only take part in one.

ITV, Sky, BBC, and Channel Four will host two debates featuring seven party leaders, and a final head-to-head between David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband.