Rochdale abuse victim condemns police 'lies'

The anonymous victim speaking to ITV News' Martin Geissler.

A victim of child sex abuse in Rochdale has claimed some police officers "completely lied" during investigations into their handling of the scandal - and described how an officer had yawned as she detailed the crimes during interview.

The anonymous victim - named "C1" in today's report into Greater Manchester Police's (GMP) handling of widespread abuse in the town - told ITV News the officers were "nearly as bad as the offenders", and said the abuse had "completely changed me as a person".

GMP apologised to the victims after the investigation found the force was guilty of a number of "significant failures" between 2008 and 2010.

The yawning claim was investigated after video of the police interview was played in the trial of the gang members convicted of abusing her and others as young as 13.

Today's report claimed that C1's "soft, quiet, monotone voice... may have placed the officer in a more relaxed position".

However, it also accepted that such behaviour from an officer "comes across as unprofessional and uncaring".

However, no serving officers were subjected to misconduct proceedings following the findings.

C1 also alleged that police "completely lied" in parts of the investigation.

In particular, she denied claims entailed in the report that she had not wanted to prosecute her abusers.

However, Greater Manchester Police chief constable Sir Peter Fahy denied claims of a "whitewash".

"They were spending more time on trying to put the witnesses down than rather than get more information on these men and that’s just purely so that didn't have to prosecute them," she claimed.

Watch ITV News Correspondent Martin Geissler's report on the latest in the Rotherham abuse scandal: