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Daredevil granny skydives and swims with sharks for charity to mark 100th birthday

A daredevil great-grandmother has marked her 100th birthday in style, with a series of breathtaking stunts for charity.

Georgina Haywood went skydiving on her 100th birthday Credit: National Sea Rescue Institute

On Saturday - the day of her centenary - Georgina Haywood, from South Africa, leapt out of a plane to raise money to buy lifejackets for volunteers at the country's National Sea Rescue Institute.

She followed it up today with a cage-diving experience, swimming with sharks.

Watch Georgina's birthday jump:

Video courtesy of the National Sea Rescue Institute

Saturday's jump was Georgina's second skydive, having first taken the plunge at the age of 92.

And once she had touched back down on solid ground, she celebrated with a glass of bubbly as her friends and family sang Happy Birthday.

My first reaction getting out of the plane was a bit of fear. To suddenly be moving around, and there we go. It was a wonderful experience to be able to look around and see the earth below me.

– Georgina Haywood, aged 100
Georgina went cage diving with sharks in Gansbaai Credit: National Sea Rescue Institute
Georgina described swimming with sharks as the 'experience of a lifetime' Credit: National Sea Rescue Institute

She followed it up with today's swim with sharks in Gansbaai, which she described as the "experience of a lifetime at the end of my life".

Her adventures have so far raised more than 9,000 South African rand (ZAR) (£450) for the charity - enough to buy 16 new lifejackets for volunteers.

She hopes to raise 20,000ZAR (£1,087) in total. To donate, click here.

Watch Georgina swimming with sharks:

Video courtesy of the National Sea Rescue Institute

She hopes to raise 20,000 ZAR (£1,000) in total with her activities Credit: National Sea Rescue Institute